Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Sunday All

Ok well Happy Sunday everybody. Sunday is a cool day as it is technically the first day of the week while most of us think it's Monday as that is the start of the work week. I am going to try to take every Sunday and give you a tip of the week. Tomorrow I will share on carbs, protein and fat that I said I would address today. Sunday is cool  because it is the beginning. A chance to start a new. Use today to shrug off all those worries and struggles you might have had this week and start over today. Don't worry about bumps in the road as you can use them to learn from. Ok now for the tip of the week.

Tip #1. Pack your meals. If you pack your meals and bring them with you then you are in control of the calories you take in. For example I usually have a Shakeology meal replacement shake, a protein bar, a protein shake, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of peanuts or pretzels that I take with me for the day. On another day I will have a protein bar, oatmeal, a smart size portion of left overs, protein shake and peanuts or pretzels or fruit for my snack. Planning ahead will definitely make a difference when it comes to changing your body.

As always remember you have the power to change and you need to change just for you. You count and your important. God loves you so you should love you.

Happy Sunday!!!!


  1. Happy Sunday! My favorite day. Sleep in day!

  2. Hi there! I recently started doing P90X myself :) I'd love to see a tip of the week from you!

    Stopping by from NFF :)