Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Started

When I decided to make a lifestyle change and get into shape the first thing I did was I went to my MD and received a physical. I wanted to see where I was and to see what if any limitations would be placed on me. Thankfully I did not have any limitations and was able to start working out. Next I set goals that I wanted to achieve. My first goal was to make it through a round of P90X. I did not focus on weight at all. The next goal was to reach a certain weight of which I am 3lbs away. My new goal is help at least 100 people achieve their fitness goals this year. I know its a lofty challenge but I received support while I was getting into shape and so I want to pay it forward. Remember you have the power to change and you need to change for you. You are worth it and you count. Be encouraged today smile look at yourself and appreciate the person in the mirror. When you go out today lift your head up high to indicate you are well on your way to becoming more physically fit. To recap you should see your MD prior to taking on any workout program and you need to set goals. Tomorrow we'll talk about work out plans from Beachbody that can work for you and we'll talk about calories what are they and how they affect your body.


  1. We just love P90x! I did a whole 'Current Obsession' about Tony, his quotes and his groupies. Here's the link if you would like a good chuckle over our friend, Tony:

    We've been doing it for about a year now and love it. It's a great workout! I found you through your wife, by the way!

  2. Good for you, Tim for achieving your goals and wanting to help others the same way. You sound like a great guy!