Friday, May 14, 2010


First and foremost thank you to my wife for putting this blog out there. Second and if not for my wife would be first thank you all for the kind words and feedback. Let me encourage you all if I can do this you can do this. I am not an athlete or athletically gifted I just put my mind to it and my body did the rest.

Calories what are they? A calorie is a unit of energy. When you read the amount of calories a particular food has that means how much energy you can get from that item. If you don't use that energy it turns to fat.

Rule of thumb when losing weight: When you determine how many calories you need subtract 500 from that number. The reason you subtract 500 is because it takes 3500 calories to equal 1 lb. 500 times 7 days equals 3500.

How to calculate how many calories you need is not a perfect science but I found a formula that works to get you in the ball park:

Women 655 + (4.3xweight in lbs) + (4.7xheight in inches) - (4.7xage in years) this will equal you BMR - Basal metabolic rate or the rate at which your body burns calories you would need this to just survive.

Men 66+(6.3xweight in lbs) +(12.9xheight in inches) - (6.8xage in years) then add the number below just like the women.

Now take that number and multiply it by :
20% if you are sedentary
30% if you are lightly active
40% if you are moderately active
50% if you are very active
Then add the number you get to you BMR and this is how many calories you need to function while exercising.

After you get this number subtract 500 calories to lose 1lb a week.
My BMR is 1989 calories I work out hard so I need to add 994 calories to that now I subtract 500 calories and my daily intake should be 2483 calories. Now I subtract another 500 calories and am now burning 2lbs a week but I don't go below that. If you start to feel sluggish you need to add more calories.

Ok hope this helps. Tomorrow I'll talk about proteins, carbs and fats.......
Remember that you have the power to change and you need to change for you. You count and you are important.


  1. Awesome information! I did a lot of research on the net and found out all this and more about 2 years ago and lost 100 lbs. Pretty fast. I've been stuck now maintaining for about a year now and i really need the motivation to continue as I've been creeping up and I still have many more lbs. to go! I started my blog because I was keeping track of calories anyways so I figured it was a good way to keep track of the recipes too. The jist of my blog is to try to keep my dinners about 500 calories while still having plentiful portions. It seems to be working well! I look forward to hearing more from you! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for following me, bro. OK - can you take all of what you just said, simplify it for me...If I am 133.8 lbs and would like to lose a few, just tell me what I have to do!!!! You are smarter than I am!!! :)

  3. Excellent info! I've lost 30 pounds over the last year and have a target of 20 more. I'll get there.