Monday, May 17, 2010

Carbs, Protein and Fats

Carbohydrate: Mainly sugars and starches, together constituting one of the three principal types of nutrients used as energy sources (calories) by the body. Carbohydrates can also be defined chemically as neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Carbohydrates come in simple forms such as sugars and in complex forms such as starches and fiber. The body breaks down most sugars and starches into glucose, a simple sugar that the body can use to feed its cells. Complex carbohydrates are derived from plants. Dietary intake of complex carbohydrates can lower blood cholesterol when they are substituted for saturated fat.

Carbohydrates are classified into mono, di, tri, poly and heterosaccharides. The smallest carbohydrates are monosaccharides such as glucose whereas polysaccharides such as starch, cellulose and glycogen can be large and even indeterminate in length.

The energy produced by carbohydrates is 4 calories per gram.

Etymology: Carbohydrates are called carbohydrates because the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen they contain are usually in the proportion to form water with the general formula Cn(H2O)n.

To find out how many grams of carbs you'll be eating taking your total caloric intake for the day. Using a standard of 40% of your diet will be carbs multiply by that 40% then divide by 4.

Lets say I eat 1900 calories a day.
40% of that is 760 calories
Divide by 4 and your total daily intake of carbs in grams is 190 grams.

Sorry I could not do more today I caught a case at work and was stuck there late today. Tomorrow I will address proteins and fat. If you looking for a good workout program hit my shop button and poke around a bit. Ok just remember you have the power to change and you need to change for you. You count and you are important.



  1. You lost me at heterosomething. **Carbs are not all created equal. Eat the ones with whole wheat and fiber in moderation and stay away from the white sugars. That's my advice.** At least that's my super simplified version of what I tell people. :-) I look forward to more posts. Thanks!

  2. Hi Tim! Diana sent me your blog. GREAT job on the weight loss. Keep up the GREAT work!!!