Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a Whole New Game

Ok I have to apologize for not posting since July 23. The funny thing about it is I think life just got in the way. My wife and I are very much involved in our church and we work with the children which takes up a lot of our time. Now for this weeks motivating message. Once you've made up your mind to change your life you need to just make it a whole new game. What do I mean? Everything has to change. Your mind set especially. I am reading a book on how to better handle your money and the author Dave Ramsey says that accomplishing something is 80% mental and 20% knowledge. That means you need to have the right attitude to change your life and become healthy. Do you eat that food that is bad for you or do you decide that you not to because you no in the long run you'll be better off? Do you go back to bed when you wake up and feel tired or do you complete your workout to the best of your ability? One will get you closer to being healthier the other will net you about 40 minutes more sleep until you have to get up for work. It's a whole new game and You Can Do It. Let me say that again You Can Do It. How can you do it? I recommend getting a workout program that meets your needs. If you have one great if you need one go to my website and get one. You need to have your food ready ahead of time. You can't eat healthy unless you have healthy food in your home. Go shopping get good proteins, whole grains, good carbs ect.... Make a plan scheduling your workouts a head of time. If you go to my website hit me up so I can help you by keeping you motivated. That's my goal is to help you like the person who helped me get to where I am. Trust me you all or as they say in the south Y'all, I hate getting up at 5am but I know its worth it. I know I'm worth it. I know my wife is worth it. I know my children are worth it. In closing take a deep breath and commit to a whole new game. Remember you need to be fit for you. You have the power to change. Have a great weekend. Thanks for following. Hit me up on facebook that's probably the best way for me to motivate you.


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