Friday, July 23, 2010

What Are You Going to Do About It!

I was speaking to a woman at Church the other day. She was talking to me about working out and staying fit. Her main obstacle was getting over the mental block that stops her from continuing her programs once she starts. She is all or nothing with how she does something. I think it's great to be zealous about what you are doing but if you miss a workout in a 7 day period it is not the end of the world nor is it an excuse to ditch the whole program. Just pick up on the next day after you miss and put the miss behind you. What if you eat a bad meal? Not the end of the world. Put the bad meal behind you and pick up eating what you are supposed to be eating. Well, Tim that is easy for you to say. It does not work that way for me. I can't just put it behind me. I need to think the process through. Sound like you or somebody you know. First and foremost working out and eating right is not easy. When discouragement comes it is so easy to say forget it I was happier before. You might be happy the first couple of days you sleep in or the first couple of days you eat bad but then you look at all your hard work going down the drain and get upset. You look for happiness and only find a glimpse of happiness in the food you eat or relaxing. Truth is you'll be much happier sweating, eating right and working out. You'll feel healthier. Aerobic activities increase blood flow to the brain and help keep your thinking sharp, your stress levels down, and depression at bay.

Your  The big question is "What Are You Going to Do About it!

1. When you miss a work out write down how you are feeling. In fact write down how you are feeling after every workout. That way when you look back you'll see some inspiring entry that you made the day before and it will motivate you to get right back on track.

2. Write down your goals. What do you want to do? Lose weight? Gain muscle? Run a race? Run with your children? No goal is too big or too small. Make sure you are the center of your goal. You need to obtain some joy from this too you know.

3. Get support. Surround yourself with other people who workout and are looking to get healthy one day at a time.

4. Remind yourself that this is a process. You did not get out of shape or put on weight overnight so you are not going to get rid of it over night. Be patient but endure to the end.

5. Try not to beat yourself up for missing a workout or having a bad meal or snack. It's going to happen more than once over a lifetime. I know this will be hard but just focus on the goals you wrote down pick yourself up and say " This is what I'm gonna do about it."

Now if some of you don't have a support system in place contact me. I'll motivate you encourage you and help keep you headed toward your goal. I don't charge for this there is no catch. I believe in the products I use but will help you no matter what products you use. You can write me at or I'll be there I promise. If you write just let me know that you are writing to me after reviewing this blog so I know you are legit otherwise I will just spam it. One last thing you need to be fit for you. You have the power to change you are worth it.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Excellent tips. I have struggled with depression for a while I can tell you I've been feeling better, sore, but much better this week while working out everyday. Today my hubby demanded I take a rest day for my muscles and I'm kinda missing the burn. We are going on a brisk walk tonight for some cardio.

  2. Oh and he's starting P90X soon. He finds out on Monday if his wrist is healed or not. I'll be following along and doing the best I can until I lose this weight. I'm so excited!

  3. To me, it sounds like the 'all or nothing' in that respect is just an excuse to find an easy way out. Someone who is going to give up everything from missing one workout is never going to improve because clearly they're looking for a quick fix. I understand missing a workout can make it hard to get back in the routine, but once its done, you'll feel amazing and be right where you were supposed to be! Its hard to make others see this, but as motivators we must do all we can to try and show them the way to keep going! Great post :)