Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tired What to do?

My wife and I were out late last night to work at a benefit that helps provide assistance to young mothers or struggling families. We did not get home until about 11pm and that is after we worked all day. My wife is a stay at home mom and to me that is a full time job. I woke this morning feeling real tired so I decided to not work out! What? No work out! Yeah its ok I'll just switch to tomorrow. It's ok to do that. I worked on Thursday from 3pm until 11pm did not get to sleep until midnight was up at 5am to work out on Friday worked until 430pm then worked the benefit from 6pm until 1030pm and then we did not get to sleep until after midnight. I think that is why I was so tired. We are up early today to go to the church and clean all the Children's Church rooms so I think its ok to switch your rest day. How are the rest of you doing today? Remember to watch your food intake but at the same time remember to eat enough. Ok gotta run want to spend some time with my two daughters before we go. Have a great Saturday.

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