Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Saturday

It's hot out there boys and girls. Make sure you stay hydrated. Bring water with you where ever you go. Ok I went over Calories, Carbs, Proteins and Fats. Now who wants to get into shape and change their life? Who wants to work out and learn to eat right? In order to do this you need to do something first. Look in the mirror and tell the person looking back at you and tell them that you like them, tell them that you love them. Tell them that they are worth it. Tell them that they are funny, nice, cool, charismatic or what ever positive names you can come up with. In my faith we believe that negativity comes from the devil. I know it sounds silly but for me I believe it to be true. Ok now for your home work. Get a notebook and label it your success journal. Divide the notebook into 2 parts. One part will be your eating for the day the other part will be your work out for the day. You can use 1 sheet of paper and write on both sides if you want. Write down what you are eating and the calories, proteins, carbs and fats that are in it. At the end of the day add everything up and see how many calories, proteins, carbs and fats you are taking in. To find out whats in food you'll need to read the labels. On the other side write down any exercise you've done that day. Write down calories burned. If you need to get a heart rate monitor. If you don't know where to get one go to my website Get into the habit of doing this and after a while you'll be able to look at a portion and know excatly what you are getting. I would recommend packing your lunch so you have complete control over what you are eating. Ok to recap:

1. Get a notebook to track your eating and exercise.
2. Write down daily intake of Calories, Carbs, Proteins and Fats.
3. Write down daily exercise and calories burned.
4. Pack your lunch.
5. Get a heart rate monitor.

Ok that is only the beginning but if you do the above you will lose weight. You will get the results you want. I will stress again there is no miracle pill, machine, powder or exercise program. There are programs that work if you work and eat right. I prefer P90X if you want to see what that is about go to They give you a recap on that program and others. I know time is a factor for most that's why I love to workout at home. Ok folks lets do this together. Lets win our lives back one day at a time. Most important thing to remember is that you did not get out of shape in 1 day or 1 week or 1 month and did not put on unwanted pounds in that short period of time. However follow me and we will together make that lifestyle change that will last a long, long time.

Remember you have the power to change and you need to change for you. You count and you are important.


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